KIDOOZI was born to two busy, millennial moms with a shared purpose of making shopping for our kids a little less hard, and a lot more fun. We wanted to give parents like ourselves easy access to the best global and local brands for kids aged 0 to 12, all on a simple and convenient online shopping platform.

While your kids count on you to care for them as they sleep, eat, play, learn, bathe, potty, and more, know that you can count on us to help provide the must-haves and make it easier for you to raise healthy, smart, and happy kids. From best-selling and award-winning products, from the day you are pregnant until your child is 12 years of age, we’re here to help parents find everything our kids need and want.

At KIDOOZI, kids are at the heart of our brand. We have kids of our own and we know how those little smiles, those little hugs, and those little kisses mean to you. Like you, we only want the best for our kids. And we’ll make it our mission to be of help in this often challenging, sometimes exhausting, but always inspiring journey as parents.

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